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Germany Back of Book
Code Scott # Image Price Description Purchase  
G7004 B8-11 $75.00 Feeding the Hungry
G7005 B12-8 $105.00 Arms of Prussia
G7006 B19-22 $49.00 Paul von Hindenburg
G7007 B23-7 $117.00 Coat of Arms
G7008 B28-32 $110.00 Coat of Arms
G7017 B58a-d $199.00 Feeding the Hungry. There are a few minor gum disturbances. Not hinged.
G7018 B59-67 $270.00 Different Occupations
G7019 B68 $525.00 Buildings S/S
G7020 B69-78 $97.00 Costumes
G7021 B79-81 $33.00 Olympic Games
G7022 B82-9 $66.00 Olympic Games
G7023 B90 $15.00 Horse Race S/S
G7024 B91-2 $130.00 2 Olympic Games S/S
G7025 B93-101 $40.00 Scenes
G7026 B102 $33.00 Adolf Hitler S/S
G7027 B103 $105.00 Adolf Hitler S/S Imperf
G7028 B104 $150.00 Adolf Hitler S/S
G7029 B105 $89.00 Horse Race S/S overprint
G7031 B107-15 $54.00 Boats & Ships
G7032 B116-7 $9.60 Youth Carrying Torch
G7033 B118 $6.00 Adolf Hitler
G7034 B119 $75.00 Horsewomen
G7035 B120 $9.75 Adolf Hitler
G7036 B121-2 $12.90 Theater
G7037 B123-31 $48.75 Austrian Scenes
G7038 B132-3 $19.50 Sudeten Couple
G7039 B134-6 $53.00 Early Automobiles
G7040 B137 $5.60 Adolf Hitler
G7041 B138-9 $9.60 Exhibition Building
G7042 B140 $7.50 Adolf Hitler
G7043 B141-3 $135.00 Automobile overprints
G7044 B144 $39.00 Racehorse and Jockey
G7045 B145 $37.50 Man and Horse
G7046 B146 $16.50 Venetian Woman
G7047 B147 $11.50 Adolf Hitler
G7048 B148-59 $75.00 Postal Workers Fund
G7049 B160-8 $31.75 Buildings
G7050 B169 $17.00 Hall of Honor
G7051 B170 $8.50 Child and Hitler
G7052 B171 $0.85 Armed Warrior
G7053 B172 $12.50 Horseman
G7054 B173 $55.00 Chariot
G7055 B174-5 $6.00 Scenes
G7056 B176 $14.50 Artushof in Danzig
G7057 B177-85 $23.00 Buildings
G7058 B186-7 $7.25 von Behring
G7059 B188 $3.30 Man and Trumpet
G7060 B189 $4.00 Mussolini and Hitler
G7061 B190 $5.00 Adolf Hitler
G7062 B191 $8.35 Race Horse
G7063 B192 $5.75 Amazons
G7064 B193 $7.10 Brandenburg Gate
G7066 B198-9 $6.25 Belvedere Palace
G7067 B200 $0.55 Motzart
G7068 B201 $2.10 Philatelist
G7069 B202 $1.15 Soldier’s Head
G7070 B203 $8.40 Adolf Hitler
G7071 B204 $10.75 Race Horse
G7072 B205 $5.10 Race Horses
G7073 B206-7 $2.10 Betrothal Cup
G7074 B208 $1.25 Henien Monument
G7075 B209-11 $2.55 Soldier and Horse
G7076 B212-4 $5.15 Soldier and Horse Overprints
G7077 B215 $0.55 Mail Coach
G7078 B216 $1.35 Brandenburg Gate
G7079 B217 $0.50 Nazi Emblem
G7080 B218-29 $10.80 Military Scenes
G7081 B230 $0.65 Nazi Flag
G7082 B231-6 $6.60 Adolf Hitler
G7083 B237-40 $1.80 Labor Service
G7084 B241-2 $1.20 Peter Rosegger
G7085 B243 $0.75 Hunter and Horse
G7086 B244-5 $1.20 Race Horse
G7087 B246 $0.60 Mother and Children
G7088 B247-8 $0.70 St. George
G7089 B249 $0.50 Ancient Lubeck
G7090 B250 $0.60 Nazi Propaganda
G7091 B251 $0.60 Robert Koch
G7092 B252 $0.90 Adolf Hitler and Swastika
G7093 B252A-C $1.55 Planes
G7094 B253-6 $1.10 Mother and Child
G7095 B257-69 $10.20 Military Vehilcles
G7096 B270 $0.50 Flora Statute
G7097 B271 $1.15 Adolf Hitler
G7098 B272-7 $2.10 Postal Workers
G7099 B278-9 $0.60 Soldiers
G7100 B280 $0.65 Duke of Prussia
G7101 B281-2 $0.60 Labor Service
G7102 B283 $0.85 Horse and Foal
G7103 B284-5 $0.85 Race Horse
G7104 B286-7 $0.75 Natutilus Cup
G7105 B288 $0.60 Post Horn
G7106 B289 $0.60 Eagle and Serpent
G7107 B290 $0.60 Count Anton Gunther
G7108 B291 $0.85 People’s Army
G7109 B292-3 $45.00 Storm Troopers
G7110 B294 $27.00 Numeral S/S perf
G7111 B295 $27.00 Numeral S/S imperf
G7113 B298-301 $7.45 Colonge Cathedral
G7114 B302-3 $7.15 Brandenburg Gate


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